Batten Ends

  • Selden RCB Fully-Battened System
  • Rutgerson® "BATTCAR" System
  • Sailman Fully Battened System
  • Frederiksen Roller Cars

As Fully Battened Mainsails have become more popular several types of batten cars are now available. We can supply a range of cars that will suit most makes of masts.

See below for a brief description of some of the most popular:

  • Selden RCB Fully-Battened System - Uses linear ball races and recirculation balls to provide cars that run with very little friction even under high loads. They run along a separate track that is fitted to the back of the mast, usually used on boats over 35 ft.
  • Rutgerson® "BATTCAR" System - Manufactured from a low friction composite that is self lubricating. Very efficient for boats up to 38 ft, they are designed to distribute strain which minimises the risk of the slide jamming. There are 5 slide types to suit most masts.
  • Sailman Fully Battened System - A range of batten systems for boats from 22 ft to 56 ft. They have low friction slides and various luff boxes depending on the size of the sail. They are robust, easy to use and cost effective.
  • Frederiksen Roller Cars - Provide a roller car system, again with a separate track fitted to the back of the mast. A very low friction system using a ball bearing system, they work under extreme loads and are manufactured to be durable and easy to use. This system can be used on any size of yacht.

If you require more information or help in choosing the best system for you then please contact the sailmaker.

Benefits of a Fully Battened Sail

  • Increase sail area
  • Controls flogging
  • Stabilized sail shape
  • Easier sail handling
  • Lighter sailcloth

We use a full range of cloth suppliers to make sure nothing but the best is passed onto our customers at all times:

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