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We design all our sails to suit our customers individual requirements, they are then manufactured in-house. To ensure our sails perform well and hold their shape longer we only use high tenacity tightly woven polyesters or our range of laminates, which are chosen depending on the sails application.

When choosing a cruising specification we have two standard designs - Cruise and Premier Cruise. We also supply a full range of Racing sails designed to match your performance requirements.

The Cruise and Premier Cruise ranges are Cross Cut and supplied with either standard, 3/4 or full length battens.

Our fully-battened sails are supplied with Sailman batten ends as standard. Should you require any other batten ends then we can quote to suit. Please see our range of Batten Ends

Sail Specifications

  • Cruise Spec

    • Cloth - Dacron
    • 2 Rows of reefs
    • 1 Row of 3 step stitching on seams
    • Double luff tape
    • Loose foot with clew slider/bolt rope
    • Leech line exit only at clew
    • GRP battens
    • Slides on luff
    • Numbers and Insignia
    • Aluminium headboard
    • Bainbridge rings
    • Tell tails
    • Sailbag
  • Premier Cruise Spec

    • Cloth - Dacron or Cruising Laminate
    • 2 Rows of reefs
    • 2 Rows of 3 step stitching on seams
    • Luff tape with bolt rope
    • Bolt rope or loose footed with slug slider
    • Leech line exiting at reefs and clew
    • Tapered battens
    • Slides on luff
    • Numbers and Insignia
    • Aluminium headboard
    • Rutgerson stainless steel rings
    • Reef spectacles
    • Tell tails
    • Sailbag

Optional Extras

  • Flattener eye in leech
  • Cunningham
  • Camber Stripe

Racing and Laminate Mainsails

We can supply racing and laminate mainsails, these can be tailored to your individual requirements and cloths can be discussed with the sailmaker.

We use a full range of cloth suppliers to make sure nothing but the best is passed onto our customers at all times:

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