• We offset the main zip on the bag towards one side
  • Fully removable batten after releasing the strap and buckle
  • GRP battens run the entire length of the bag
  • Removable front section

What is a stackaway?

The Stackaway is a simple handling and stowage system for either conventional or fully battened mainsails, made from Sauleda Yacht Acrylic Canvas available in a wide range of colours.

Our Stackaway

Being one of the first designers and manufacturers of this type of cover in the UK we have listened to our customers comments and together with our own sailing experience we have refined and developed a market leading product.

The feature which sets our product apart from other types on the market is that we offset the main zip on the bag towards one side. This has several advantages:

  • No reaching into the middle of the bag
  • Easier to reach when closing the zip
  • Avoids water seeping through zip on to sail

Supplied with grp battens that run the entire length of the bag giving it stability. These fit in to a side pocket and are fully removable after releasing the strap and buckle. This makes out of season storage easier.

Front Section for protection of sail when stowed is fitted with a zip and velcro for simple removal. With the front section removed this will leave reefing hooks easily accessible.

Our front sections are also shaped so that they fit neater and do not crush the sail at the mast end.

Our system can be used with Mainsails either fitted with a bolt rope or loose footed.

We use a full range of cloth suppliers to make sure nothing but the best is passed onto our customers at all times:

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